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Q: I'm looking to book your services. Where do I start?

A: Great question! The easiest way to get started booking our services is to follow our guide.

Q: Do you provide a free consultation with my wedding booking?

Q: Do I require a deposit?

A: We require a $50 deposit at time of booking per event, and a signed contract for date to be held. We do not hold dates without both items.

Q: What types of music do you have?

A: We stock everything from 50's-60's, to todays Top Country and Hip Hop, our cd collection is over 5,000 cds.

Q: Can I pick what music we can hear at the wedding?

A: We certainly welcome suggestions on the type of music to play but in the end it's our reputation at stake. You never hear anyone say the bride and grooms selections of music was bad, what you hear is that DJ stunk!

Q: Can I pick songs that I don't want to hear?

A: Certainly, yes. Not everyone likes the YMCA or Bird Dance so if you have some songs you don't want to hear, while we certainly try to keep your guests happy, we won't play those songs.

Q: What about French or Ethnic Music?

Answer: Sorry we don't really carry alot of this type of music. We would play this music if you provided it to us for the night.

Q: Does my event include dinner music?

A: Our package #2 and #3 include dinner music and microphone use for speeches.

Q: Can I book an outside event such as a stag and doe or wedding?

A: We now have a mobile DJ studio that is self contained away from the weather. We can essentially Disc Jockey right out of this unit.

Q: I'm looking for references. Where can I find them?

Q: I'm booked with your company and I am wondering what comes next?

Any changes to your music must be done prior to one week before your Event! Music changes will not be considered after this time!

As per our license agreement, we DO NOT allow Youtube as a source for your music.


Bottom Line:

We work for you, our client. We want to service your needs and keep you happy, word of mouth is very important to us. With saying that we also want your guests to have a great time at your party. We need also cater to them.


We know that there's alot of choices of Dj's and we hope this website convinces you that we are the right Dj's for you. If this question page didn't help you then call us to have your questions answered at:

(519) 682-4391


Thank You